Ancient Egypt Necklace

Gilded brass, Egyptian faience (305-30 b.C.) and blue jasper spheres.

The small votive sculptures that make up the necklace were purchased on the antiques market from an important German collection of Egyptian archaeology. They are all made of traditional faience that was “invented” in the Nile valley and dates back to the pre-dynastic era. In fact, the exquisite ex-votos selected are made of glazed ceramic (a sort of majolica ante litteram) and date back to the Ptolemaic dynasty, between 305 and 30 B.C.

I wanted to show them set in a pattern of gilded brass honeycombs as if they were precious stones. The contrast between the gold and the colourful micro sculpture elements (ranging from turquoise to blue to aqua green) helps confer dynamism and pleasantness to the necklace, which encircles the neck thanks to an antique-style rolò chain.

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