Megalodon Necklace

Silver, Megalodon fossil tooth (c. 4 million b.C.), madrepores, corals and celestial crystals

The Megalodon was a gigantic prehistoric shark, which lived between the Pliocene and Miocene ages (approximately 4 million years ago), which could reach almost twenty metres in length. The creature has always aroused sinister curiosity about the size of the black teeth, which give it its name.

We sought to interpret elements that would evoke the depths of the sea in this powerful piece of jewellery. So, the tooth was combined with madrepores and corals, all linked by the burnished silver necklace. An extremely sculptural necklace that is full of movement, embellished with pale blue crystals as if they were deep water. In other words, the abysses of the sea, as well as the unfathomable chasms of time.

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