Claw Necklace

Gilded silver, spinosaurus claw (c. 100 million b.C.), Mozambique opal, tourmaline, hydrothermal quartz and green agate lined with mother of pearl.

The Spinosaurus was the largest of all the carnivorous dinosaurs, even larger than the Tyrannosaurus. It lived in the swamps of North Africa during the Cretaceous period (approximately 100 million years ago). Our necklace incorporates this huge reptilian fossil, which we imagine could grab large prey using a “spur”, or a claw that penetrated the living flesh with all the monstrous aggression of a predator.

We “interpreted” the specimen by placing it in a wild and primordial world, made of giant ferns and intricate leafy elements. The necklace is embellished and coloured by Mozambique opals, green agates, and hydrothermal quartz.

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