Arrowheads Necklace

Gilded white-bronze, obsidian and flint arrowheads and lance (all from Central America, 2000-500 b.C.) and black leather

Always on the lookout for unusual and ancient anthropological splendour, we came across a small but significant collection of arrowheads and spearheads from Central America (2000 – 500 B.C. circa), made of both black volcanic obsidian and brown flint.

We created other replicas in gilded bronzobianco, accomplishing an attractive array of pendants. Set and suspended with braided black leather lace, they form a genuine necklace that, by strength and fascination, references some specimens of primordial jewellery. It is very ancient yet contemporary, given its mood and the use of non-precious materials, a testimony to the extraordinary technical and craft skills of primitive man.

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