Chicken and Hen Necklace

Bronze, gilded with rose gold silver and pink, brown and purple zirconia

A necklace that could be considered eccentric, if it did not have real potential, through design and beauty, to be called a genuine piece of jewellery.

Our friend and fellow creative, Giancarlo Fulgenzi, who is over 90 years old, gifted us two chicken and hen heads. Twenty years earlier, these heads had undergone a complex and mysterious bronze electroforming process, perhaps comparable to the two anatomical machines, or the incredible alchemical creatures, which can be admired in the basement of the Sansevero Chapel in Naples.

In the logic of proposing the unusual, if not the extraordinary, we have carried out a further transformation process, making the two heads become a pendant/jewel supported by a necklace of pink, brown, and purple zircons, then embellished with natural feathers.

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